• 50 Years Ago Today… June 6, 2017 Bob Jones

    This post marks a milestone in my life and describes part of my journey from head to heart.

    On June 6th, 1967, exactly 50 years ago today, I started a job as a computer operator trainee. On my second day on the job, my boss handed me a COBOL manual and ...

  • Free Assessments – Use With Caution April 27, 2017 Bob Jones

    Want to know your IQ or how emotionally mature you are in just a few minutes?
    I have added a new page that contains links to various types of free assessments that will help you know yourself better. The page is

    From Archetypes to Shadow Assessments, ...

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  • Let’s Talk About Fear… 10/31/2017: Cyndi Elliot

    Let's talk about "Fear." How can Fear help? Here’s how: Facing Fear is the key, if only for today, of moving forward. We need to face up to Fear. So, first, let’s talk about Fear.

    Our Fear could be lingering Fear left over from something that has happened in the past. Or, it could be Fear caused by questionable conditions in the present.

  • ConneXions Survey 10/9/2017: Bob Jones

    We want to ask a simple favor of you: please take a very short (3 minute) survey to let us know your level of interest in our ConneXions Intensive Workshop.
    Here is the link to the survey.



Connecting deeply is a skill you can learn and practice. It involves these three steps:

Waking Up

Waking Up

Connecting With Yourself
Growing Up

Growing Up

Connecting With Others
Showing Up

Showing Up

Connecting With Your Purpose

The Connexions Intensive Workshop

The Connexions Intensive Workshop gives you a great opportunity for you to work on relationships in a safe environment and in relationship with others who have the same desire to grow as you do.

Come prepared to be challenged, to move significantly out of your relationship comfort zones, to do the hard work of learning what’s true for you and practicing sharing that truth with others.

If you’re willing and courageous, you’ll leave this weekend with:

  • A wealth of knowledge about forming deep and meaningful relationships, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Genuine, real-world progress made on your personal journey of Waking Up, Growing Up and Showing Up
  • A personalized plan for moving forward on all three of these phases of the journey
  • A warm group of newly-made authentic friends and a structure for giving each other ongoing support and encouragement on your journey.

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