ConneXions Workshop at Camp Collins Was a Real Delight!

The ConneXions Intensive Workshop we held on September 29 through October 1 was a pure delight for me. My wife of 42 years, Donna attended as a participant. Although she has proof read every slide and every manual page many times, experiencing the workshop as a participant gave her a whole new perspective.

For both of us, much of the weekend was a real challenge. We attended the World Elder Gathering of the Mankind Project in Calgary two weeks earlier and managed to catch a cold (or possibly even a flue) that managed to infect over half the participants. Even as I write this, we still are recovering. So the act of being present for every participant and for four hours on Friday, about 10 hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday took a real toll on me. Fortunately, Donna stepped up and drove us most of the way home.

In spite of these challenges, the participants got a great deal of new learning from the workshop. And Donna, who has been a life-long introvert, something amazing happened. She has always maintained that she could never be in front of an audience, but something shifted for her. On our way home, she told me that she wanted to step up and be a co-facilitator of the weekend with me. Imagine the joy this brought me! I told her then and have repeated many times since that I am falling in love with her all over again.

Bob Jones

I am a recovering engineer, a programmer for over 50 years. A decade or so ago, I discovered that I also have a heart. I have spent most of the last 15 years learning how to move from head to heart and back, as the situation requires. I created this website and the ConneXions Workshop.

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