About Bob Jones

Bob Jones at age 70

About Bob Jones I used to describe myself as a Recovering Engineer. I am very analytical and spend perhaps too much of my time in my head. About 25 years ago I started to discover that I also have a heart and that when I come from my heart, it is a very different experience than coming from my head.When I started the heart work, I wanted to quit my work as a computer programmer and become a coach. Fortunately, my wife talked me out of that. There are lots of life coaches out there, but not many that I know are actually making a living at it.When I found the Mankind Project (MKP) and sat in i-Groups and staffed NWTA weekends, I found that I naturally came from my heart and that my head was of little use when facilitating men in their processes. I learned that I can (with some work) shift from my head to my heart and back again. I still find that transformation difficult, but not impossible. Several years ago, I started working with a powerful teacher named Jim Mitchell who gave me the simple answer to the head vs. heart conundrum. They are both tools and both each is appropriate in certain situations. This simple and obvious answer gave me the freedom to value both tools and to appreciate and grow each. Over the years, I have learned to connect with people pretty well. My wife thinks this is a natural gift that I have, but it isn’t. It’s a learned skill. Actually, it’s a collection of learned skills that all interact. These skills include listening, being open and transparent and finding compassion for myself and you. After staffing 40 Mankind Project NWTA weekends, I finally settled on a new direction in my life. I have created a workshop that teaches people how to connect more deeply and authentically. I am now retired from programming and spending most of my time developing this website and the ConneXions Workshop.
  • Born in July, 1946 in Cleveland, OH
  • Kicked out of Albany Academy at end of school year in 1961
  • Graduated from Darrow School in 1964
  • Attended Ohio State University for two years (1964-66)
  • Hospitalized (conflict with my father) for one year in 1966
  • Started programming Computers in June, 1967
  • Moved to Cleveland, OH in summer of 1968
  • Hired by IBM in 1969
  • Got stoned for the first time in 1970
  • Moved to Columbus, OH in June, 1970 to return to OSU
  • Saw OSU football game while tripping. Very strange!
  • Moved back to Cleveland then to Detroit in 1973
  • Hired by Chrysler as their “Token Hippy” in 1973
  • Discovered Ram Das on March 18, 1974
  • Met Donna at folk festival on 9/22/74
  • Married Donna on 4/20/75
  • Moved to Cincinnati in summer of 1975
  • Travis born(11/4/1975)
  • Corwin born (1/9/1978)
  • Moved to California in 1978
  • Lisa born (8/29/1980)
  • Moved to Redmond, WA in 1990
  • Discovered that I have a heart in the mid-’90s
  • Attended the MKP NWTA in November, 2001
  • Moved to Bellingham, WA in 2002 (January 2nd @ 10:00 AM)
  • Started the Bellingham Catalyst i-Group in 2002
  • Continue staffing the NWTA (40 times at last count)
  • Three children & three grandchildren
  • Recently celebrated 41 years of marriage with Donna
  • Got laid off on 11/4/14. Took it as a big relief
  • Started yoga on 11/5/14.
  • Got the idea for ConneXions in 2016. First workshop in 2017.

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