Do You Hunger for Deeper and More Authentic Connection?

The deepest need that almost everyone shares is the need to feel connected, seen and accepted without judgment.

On Connecting…

Unfortunately, our culture does a poor job of teaching us how to create authentic connection. Instead, we are trained to be superficial, angry, fearful and ready to blame everyone else for the pain and discomfort we feel. Have you felt the pain of being alone, believing you are not good enough, not worthy of love and respect? Hard work, good teachers and surrounding yourself with wonderful, conscious friends who love and challenge you deeply can help heal old wounds, but you may have to navigate three major hurdles:
Wake Up! Learn how your behaviors can deepen or weaken connection and how to take personal responsibility for your life.
Grow Up! Develop the practices that will help you become more conscious and emotionally mature.
Show Up! Claim your magnificence and share it with the rest of the world.
Are you ready to begin your journey? Here are some steps you can take to get started:
  • Learn the skills that deepen connection.
  • Attend a ConneXions Workshop.
  • Check out these Resources. Take a look at these articles and references that will support your growth.
  • Stay in touch – subscribe to weekly posts from this site.

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