ConneXions Survey

We want to ask a simple favor of you: please take a very short (3 minute) survey to let us know your level of interest in our ConneXions Intensive Workshop. Here is the link to the survey.

First ConneXions Workshop on April 28, 2017

The first ConneXions Workshop will be offered outside Bellingham, WA at the Anderson Creek Lodge on April 28-30. This workshop is limited to 18 participants and it is starting to fill up, so don’t wait until the last minute. We will be offering an excellent lunch and dinner on Saturday and a good lunch on Sunday, but we haven’t yet identified a chef to cook lunch and dinner on Saturday. If you have a good recommendation, please let me know. Bob Jones

On The Eve of Destruction

My first ConneXions Workshop is scheduled to start in less than three weeks and I have only five people signed up. I have an interesting challenge facing me: bootstrapping a whole new business where I am responsible for 100% of the deliverables which include the website, the email campaigns, the course content and the event logistics and marketing. I feel a bit like Sisyphus pushing the rock uphill, but I am the one who chose the hill and the rock. I feel a bit of overwhelm on a pretty regular basis, and that should not be a surprise. At the … Continue reading