What Happened To ConneXions?

My last ConneXions Workshop was in September, 2017. Since then I have done little on this website or with the content of my workshops. So what happened? Why did I disappear? I live in two worlds: my head and my heart. My head is all about computer programming. I have been doing a mind meld with computes for over 50 years now and I still love to program. I fell in love with Arduino microprocessors and little robots that can run around the room. I taught myself C++ and basic electronics and have been feeling like a kid in a … Continue reading

Shadow Watching Webinars

Do you know how to spot shadow when it shows up in meetings, conversations and relationships? Last year, Ed Fell, (MKP Leader Emeritus from Hawaii) led 16 Shadow Watching webinars. These three hour co-gender webinars focused on Shadow in the Organization and were exceptionally well received. Each was full and we wound up with over 70 people still wanting to participate. In these webinars, Ed offers a deep inquiry into personal, interpersonal, cultural and organizational shadows for all genders. You will learn to better recognize these shadows within yourself while also learning to intervene skillfully when shadows are present. Here … Continue reading

50 Years Ago Today…

This post marks a milestone in my life and describes part of my journey from head to heart. On June 6th, 1967, exactly 50 years ago today, I started a job as a computer operator trainee. On my second day on the job, my boss handed me a COBOL manual and said, “Learn it. As soon as you write your first program, I will give you a $10 per week raise.” I got the raise two weeks later and have been writing computer programs ever since. In the half century since then, I have watched the computer industry grow up. … Continue reading

Free Assessments – Use With Caution

Want to know your IQ or how emotionally mature you are in just a few minutes? I have added a new page that contains links to various types of free assessments that will help you know yourself better. The page is http://connexions.world/assessments/. From Archetypes to Shadow Assessments, all of these are free. Some will take you 20 to 30 minutes to take and some you can complete in under five minutes. Caution: Don’t believe the answers from any one test. I took three different Enneagram assessments and came up with three different answers. So be skeptical, but also be curious. … Continue reading

Taking a Hit

In September, 2013, I staffed my 33rd NWTA weekend. I am considered a senior staffer, one who knows the weekend quite well. I was asked by the weekend leader to step onto the leader track for the weekend because he didn’t think there were enough experienced men. I have staffed with this leader before and it worked quite well, so I stepped on as a leader in training (LIT)… for this weekend only.