About ConneXions

The ConneXions programs are about connecting more authentically with self and others. The first of these programs is the ConneXions Intensive workshop which has been developed by Bob Jones. Other program developers will be hosted on this site in the coming months.

ConneXions Intensive Workshop

If you are tired of superficial conversations and shallow friends, the ConneXions Intensive will help you:
  • Wake up and become more self-aware;
  • Grow up by learning about people’s personality patterns and stages of development;
  • Clean up your relationships by connecting more deeply with who you really are;
  • Show up in with a clear sense of values and purpose.

Bob Jones

I’ve learned that moving from pain and isolation into joy and soul-satisfying connection is process requiring a real commitment of time and emotional energy. Having a road map and a set of skills can help tremendously in shortening that process. My goal with the ConneXions Workshop and this website is to provide you with a road map and the skills and inspiration you need to propel your self forward on your own journey. I am 25 years into my own developmental journey, and it’s been a long one with many breakthroughs and many periods of seeming stagnation. Along the way, I’ve learned from many teachers, joined personal growth programs, read books, and done a ton of navel-gazing. I’ve met and connected with a wide range of seekers, listened to their stories, and tried my best to assimilate their lessons. And I’ve now accumulated more than a few years of experiences helping others grow deeply as a personal coach, Community Elder with the Mankind Project, and leader and facilitator of Personal Integration groups. Out of my own work has emerged a clear and demanding vision for my own purpose on this planet – to help others learn the skills that make connecting easy and joyful. I have patterned this work around four concepts developed by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. These concepts collectively make connecting fun and exciting, but they do require lots of work and practice. On this site, I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned about connecting. I hope this website helps you find tools and information that will support your development. Included in this website are:
  • Descriptions of the ConneXions Intensive
  • My blog with articles about my own journey
  • Forums for discussion of related topics
  • Resources – hundreds of links to articles and videos about connecting
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • News about connecting
One lesson I have learned over the years is that we cannot do this work alone. We need guides, teachers, mentors and friends along our journey. Good information and inspiration are necessary, but not sufficient. We need to do our work with and for other people. If you find yourself at that point, here are other ways I can support you:
  • Take my ConneXion workshop;
  • Participate in the ongoing developmental forums;
  • Sign me up as a coach and mentor.

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