ConneXions Workshops

The ConneXions Workshop is a weekend-long training in how to recognize and let go of the behaviors that weaken connection and how to develop and demonstrate the behaviors that strengthen connection. The workshop continues by exploring how we can become more self-aware and how we develop a clear sense of purpose in our lives.

A weekend workshop can introduce us to what our lives might be like if we develop the skills to connect more deeply, but the real work happens when we leave the workshop and return to our daily lives. We recognize this and offer ongoing support in the form of weekly on-line meetings and confidential forums where participants can ask questions and discuss challenges and ideas. The first month of ongoing support is included in the price of the workshop. Support after that is provided on an individual coaching basis.

Who is The ConneXions Workshop For?

This workshop is for women and men who want to connect more deeply with themselves, with each other and with other people in their lives. Past experience in some forms of personal growth work will be very helpful but is not required.


ConneXions Workshop Goals:

By participating in this workshop and the ongoing support groups, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and nurture behaviors that deepen connection
  • Recognize and alter behaviors that weaken connection
  • Recognize and express your feelings openly
  • Notice when and where you are acting from the Victim Triangle
  • Understand stages of emotional maturity and development
  • Create and deepen authentic relationships

ConneXions Workshop Structure:

The workshop has four modules:

  • Container Formation – creating a “safe space” for people to relax and become willing to share openly;
  • Waking Up – recognizing the cost of disconnection in your life;
  • Growing Up – developing a deeper awareness how your beliefs, emotions, shadows, defenses and behavior impact the quality of your connections and learning how to change your behaviors in ways that will deepen connection;
  • Showing Up – learning how to show up in your life exactly as you are.

During the workshop, you will work in dyads (2 people), a family (2 or more dyads) and the tribe (everyone).

ConneXions Workshop Timing:

The ConneXions Workshop starts promptly at 10:00 AM on Friday and should end by 3:00 PM on Sunday. Registration opens at 9:30 AM on Friday. The hours for each day are:

  • Friday: 10:00-6:00
  • Saturday: 9:00-5:00
  • Sunday: 9:00-3:00

ConneXions Workshop Costs:

The event registration price is set at a flat $345 for new participants and $150 for returning participants (people who have taken this workshop before). This covers the costs of providing the venue, paying for lunches and break snacks, manuals and travel for the leader team and some compensation for the leader and co-leaders.  This workshop requires a minimum of 12 participants. 

The registration price does not cover breakfasts, dinners or lodging, but we will make every attempt to conduct these events at venues that include some lodging with restaurants nearby.

Sleeping Accommodations:

In some venues, this will be a “residential” training with lodging and lunches provided. Other venues will be “non-residential,” so participants are expected to provide their own lodging and breakfasts. Lunch will be provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please check the event venue to determine whether it is residential or non-residential.

Participant Workbook

Every participant will receive a bound workbook that is over 100 pages long and contains information that supports the workshop content, exercises, plenty of space for notes and appendices that contain lots more information.

Ongoing Support

A weekend workshop can give you some idea about how your life could be different, but making profound changes in your life will take ongoing work and ongoing support. Included in the price of the ConneXions Workshop is a single two hour on-line session with the event leader(s). After this session, you can get continuing support by engaging the event leaders directly. Typically, ongoing support will be provided on a sliding scale based on ability to pay and perceived value, but it also requires a commitment on your part to show up on time and do the required “homework”.

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