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Q: What are the skills I need to connect more authentically?

A: There is a long list of skills that can help, but the most important are learning to listen deeply, replace judgment with curiosity and being willing to be open, transparent and even vulnerable so that people can see who you really are.

Q: What is the ConneXions Workshop?

A: The ConneXions Workshop is a weekend intensive that will jump start your understanding of how to connect deeply.

Q: How much does the ConneXions Workshop Cost?

A: The event registration price is set at a flat $345 for new participants and $150 for returning participants (people who have taken this workshop before). This covers the costs of providing the venue, paying for lunches and break snacks, manuals and travel for the leader team and some compensation for the leader and co-leaders.  This workshop requires a minimum of 12 participants. 
If you want to attend and cannot afford the list price, contact Bob Jones (info at connexions.world) and he will help you find a way to make it happen.

Q: What happens after the ConneXions Workshop?

A: A weekend workshop can give you some idea about how your life could be different, but making profound changes in your life will take ongoing work and ongoing support. Included in the price of the ConneXions Workshop is a single two hour on-line session with the event leader(s). After this session, you can get continuing support by engaging the event leaders directly. Typically, ongoing support will be provided on a sliding scale based on ability to pay and perceived value, but it also requires a commitment on your part to show up on time and do the required “homework”.

Q: When will you be teaching this workshop near me?

A: That depends on you! If you want to bring this workshop to your city, find a venue and help sign up a minimum of 12 participants. The maximum we can handle is 36, but we need at least 12 participants to make the workshop work.

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