Connect Truly and Deeply

Do You Feel Emotionally Isolated?

Do You Hunger for a Feeling of Deep and Authentic Connection with others?

With yourself and your own life?

The deepest need that almost everyone shares is the need to feel connected, to be seen and accepted without judgment. Often our upbringing and our culture does a good job of teaching us how to create open and deep connections with people. Instead, we are trained to to “protect ourselves” by being defensive and superficial, angry and fearful, and ready to blame everyone else for the pain and discomfort we feel. Result. Instead of feeling safe, we feel the pain of being alone, believing we are not good enough, not worthy of love and respect? Hard work, good teachers and surrounding yourself with wonderful, conscious friends who love and challenge you can help heal these old wounds. Here are three steps to moving from isolation into the joy of connectivity:
Learn how your behaviors can deepen or weaken connection and how to take personal responsibility for your life.
Develop the practices that will help you become more conscious and emotionally mature.
Claim your magnificence and share it with the rest of the world.

A caution though. This isn’t a prescription for a state of constant blissed-out “happiness.” It’s a prescription for a healthy, real-world life where:
  • Pain is necessary and misery optional
  • You know less for certain, and are comforted by that uncertainty
  • You are surrounded with loving friends and family that you love deeply, and who love you deeply, warts and all
Are you ready to begin that journey?

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