How To Use A Forum

Forum Overview

Think of a forum as a series of conversations revolving around topics. Each conversation can have multiple “voices” (people contributing to the conversation) and multiple “posts” (messages about the topic).

Forums vs. Email

A forum conversation is very much like an email thread but with two important differences:
  1. Forum conversations must be “posted” on the website while you can respond to an email simply by pressing “reply” or “reply all”.
  2. Forum conversations persist so that you can see the entire conversation.

Public and Private Forums

There are public and private forums. You must be logged in to see and participate in private forums.

Logging In

On the top right corner of your browser page, you will see either your name or a “Username” and “Password” box with a Login button like the image below.login-panel If you have participated in a ConneXions Workshop, you will have a login to this website. If you do not remember your login, click here and you will be asked to provide your email address. Submit your email address and you will be sent a message that will allow you to update your password and login.

Exploring a Forum

Click on the Forums button in the menu and you will see a list of forums that you can participate in. Some of the forums may be labeled “Private”. These are forums that you belong to, but are closed to the public. Click on the forum you want to explore and you will see a list of topics:forum-topics Each topic has a title and who the topic was started by. It also shows the “Voices” (how many different people have responded to this topic”, “Posts” (how many responses have been made to this topic) and “Freshness” (when was the most recent posting). You can click on a topic and see the conversation (all of the posts). If you want to respond to this topic or you can create a new topic.  To start a new topic, you will see a box like the one below at the bottom of the page. Simply enter a topic name and whatever you want to say about the topic and then click on the Submit button. topic-postEveryone who is a member of this forum will get an email message informing them of your posting.

Posting Images

To post a picture or image, the image must be accessible on the internet. For example, if you want to post an image from your Facebook page, go to Facebook and click on the image. You should see a full sized picture. Right click in the image and click on “Copy image address“. Go back to your forum post and click on the “img” button and you will see a popup. Paste the URL of the image into the popup and click “OK”. You will be asked to enter a description. This is optional because it doesn’t actually show on the screen when the post is complete. That’s it!

Controlling Your Email Messages

Many people get overwhelmed by too many emails. If you are a member of multiple forums and email lists, you may be receiving hundreds of email messages every day.  The forum allows you to select exactly how you want to receive email from this forum. The header of each forum contains a simple menu as shown in the screen shot below. Simply click on “Email Options” and you will see the list of options you can choose from. Select the option that fits your needs best and then click “Save Settings”      


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