One thing I’ve learned about authentic relationships is that you can’t really work on them sitting at home with a how-to book (or website). You can only work on relationships IN relationships. The Connexions Workshop is a great opportunity for you to do just that – and do it in a safe environment with others who have the same desire to grow as you do.

Who is The ConneXions Workshop For?

This workshop is for women and men who want to connect more deeply with themselves, with each other and with other people in their lives. Past experience in some forms of personal growth work will be very helpful but is not required. But come prepared to be challenged, to move significantly past your relationship comfort zones, to do the hard work of learning what’s true for you and sharing that truth with others. This is not the equivalent of a feel-good comfort massage – we’ll be doing deep-tissue work here. goals-64x64

ConneXions Workshop Outcomes:

By participating in this workshop and the ongoing support groups, you’ll come out of this weekend with:
  • A wealth of knowledge about forming deep and meaningful relationships, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie
  • Genuine, real-world progress made on your personal journey of Waking Up, Growing Up and Showing Up
  • A personalized plan for moving forward on all three of these phases of the journey
  • A warm group of newly-made authentic friends and a structure for giving each other ongoing support and encouragement on your journey.
Not bad for two and a half days work! structure-64x64

ConneXions Workshop Structure:

ConneXions includes four modules:
  • Getting connected – we’ll start by getting acquainted, creating a safe and supportive environment, and forming connections.
  • Waking Up – learning to take responsibility for your behavioral choices;
  • Growing Up – developing a deeper awareness of who you are as a human being and how to interact with others who may be very different from you;
  • Showing Up – developing a clear understanding of your personal virtues and values and deriving an understanding of your unique purpose in life.
The ConneXions Workshop starts promptly at 6:00 PM on Friday and should end by 4:00 PM on Sunday. Registration opens at 5:30 on Friday. The hours for each day are:
  • Friday: 6:00-9:00
  • Saturday: 9:00-5:00
  • Sunday: 9:00-4:00

ConneXions Workshop Costs:

The registration price is $395 for non-residential events and $445 for residential events. This money covers food, venue, lodging (if residential) and the costs of printing participant workbooks.

Included: Participant Workbook

Every participant will receive a bound workbook that is over 100 pages long and contains information that supports the workshop content, exercises, plenty of space for notes and appendices that contain lots more information.

Included: Meals and Accommodations

Please check the event venue to determine whether it is residential or non-residential. Non-residential: Lunches are provided. Attendees provide own lodging and breakfasts. Residential: All lodging and all meals provided.

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