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On the lead-up to each ConneXions Intensive Weekend Workshop you can get your questions answered. Attend our free online webinars hosted by ConneXions Intensive Facilitators. Get a head-start on creating the love and intimacy you’re craving.

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 Live Online ConneXions Q&A Webinar #5 Tuesday August 29 from 7:30pm to 8:15pm


Are You A Connection Buster?

Featuring Facilitator Bob Jones

How’s that workin? There are things we do to get closer and things we do to create distance. Sometimes we really do bust connections unconsciously. What’s really operating in your relationships? Bob will talk about the secret to being totally in charge of one’s own intimate experiences. Bob Jones has been helping people take control of their lives and feel better and more joyous for decades. To help you move forward he brings his extensive experience with the Mankind Project, Buddhism, Gestalt, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, The Karpman Drama Triangle, and Zen Meditation. He is creator and a facilitator for ConneXions Intensive Weekend Workshops where men, women and couples break through to find true connection and deeper love. This free online Connexions Intensive Live Q&A Webinar could be for you if you are dissatisfied with your current relationship, if you feel alone and isolated, or if you still feel stuck after trying everything else! Reserve your spot for free today!    
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Looking forward to seeing you face-to-face very soon!
Bob Jones, Creator and Lead Facilitator of the ConneXions Intensive Workshops

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