The content of the ConneXions Workshop is drawn from many resources. This page contains links to many articles and videos that have helped. The list will be continuously updated as I learn more.

About Waking Up:

01) Awakening

02) Spiritual Bypassing

03) Beginner’s Mind

04) Belief Systems

05) Consciousness

06) Shadow

07) Buddhism & Yoga

08) Meditation

09) Theories of Personality

10) Archetypes

10.1) Archetypes – The Hero’s Journey

11) Myers-Briggs

12) Enneagram

13) Love Languages

14) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

15) Spiral Dynamics

16) Integral Theory Overviews

17) Integral Stages of Development

18) Integral Lines of Development

19) Integral States

20) Body Awareness

About Growing Up:

21) Connecting

22) Emotional Maturity

23) Behaviors

24) Feelings

  • The Difference Between Guilt and Shame by Joseph Burgo Ph.D.
  • Brene’ Brown on Vulnerability – Funny, deep and powerful. If you haven’t seen this video, please take the 20 minutes to watch it. You won’t regret it!
  • Brene’ Brown on Shame
  • The Definitive Guide to Guilt by Susan Krauss Whitbourne
  • Guilt_(emotion) Behavioral_responses (Wikipedia)
  • 5 Tips for Dealing with Guilt by John M. Grohol
  • Men and Emotions
  • Grief and Praise Part 1 by Martine Prechtel
  • Grief and Praise Part 2 by Martine Prechtel
  • Here are some posts in various stages of completion that discuss common feelings:
    • Empathy vs. Sympathy
      Sympathy is feeling compassion, sorrow or pity for the hardships of another while empathy is putting yourself in the shoes of another. Although compassion is often welcome, sorrow and pity do not enhance connection. All ...
    • Guilt
      Guilt is a healthy emotion that informs you that you have made a mistake. Guilt is healthy because it confirms that you have a moral compass. The only people who cannot feel guilt are psychopaths, ...
    • Let’s Talk About Fear…
      Let’s talk about “Fear.” How can Fear help? Here’s how: Facing Fear is the key, if only for today, of moving forward. We need to face up to Fear. So, first, let’s talk about Fear. Our Fear could ...
    • On Vulnerability and Safety
      I have been creating, leading and participating in men’s circles for over a dozen years now and learned the hard way that the single most important ingredient of an effective circle is psychic or emotional safety. ...
    • Shame and Guilt
      I have staffed over 40 Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure weekends and helped initiate over 1,000 men into mature manhood. The theme that I see over and over is some variation on, “I am ...
    • Vulnerability
      Do you believe that if you are vulnerable, others will think you are weak and they will take advantage of you? Every time I sit in circle with other men and women, this toxic belief ...

25) Drama Triangle

26) Defense Mechanisms

27) Changing

28) Listening

About Showing Up:

31) Values and Virtues

32) Purpose

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