Shadow Integration for Couples

Eight Weeks; one night per week for 1.5 hrs. per group.  Recordings of the training materials will be available for missed sessions.  You will have homework to do with yourself and each other between each session.

Shadows are real and live within each of us and are projected into the organism of two.  They become deeply woven into the fabric of couplehood.  What are shadows and how do we get them?  Shadows are formed from trauma or are often dysfunctional adaptive strategies that have become patterns of relating or acting. They often prevent the deepest connection with ourselves or our partner.  When we courageously bring them to the surface, they can be transformed into our greatest gifts and love becomes even more real. 

I suggest both partners take part in the Personal Shadow Integration Intensive outlined above although it is not required.  Only a few couples at a time can participate.  Each session will involve teachings followed by working with your partner in a private break out room before reconvening as a group.

Cost:  $75 per couple per week or prepay $525 for all 8 sessions. Scholarships available.

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