Here is what people have been saying about the ConneXions Intensive: “In all honesty, I was not looking forward to coming to the ConneXions weekend but I knew it was important to my husband, Dave. It was our 23rd Anniversary so I put my excuses aside and made the decision to go. I am so glad I did. I felt closer to Dave than I had in over twenty years. This workshop was incredibly powerful for me and it greatly increased the connection I have with my husband.” – Jen G
 “I have attended numerous relationship programs over the last 25 years. This one stands out. I am refreshed with appreciation and awe for the many miracles of healing that I experienced in this program. Well done Connexions!” – Howard S
“Both and intelligent overview of the elements of human interaction and how to use them to deeper intimacy and an empowering heart opening experience.” – Travis C
“I attended Bob’s workshop with my husband and went away with a better understanding of him and of myself. I learned new ways to listen and speak, great reasons for making growth in this area important in my life, and hope that with Bob’s materials to take home, my learning will continue.”  – Jo Ann H
 “The ConneXions workshop offered a wonderful and insightful deep dive into human relationships – what it means to connect and what keeps us from connecting more fully. I left the workshop clearer on what I want from life and how I can go about getting it. I also formed the beginnings of several meaningful relationships with the other participants. Highly recommended!” – Peter S
“I was amazed by the deep dive into all of the material presented, including the additional resources offered with the connexions.world Website, and I look forward to participating in the ongoing community of ConneXions attendees! ” – Dan G
“I attended the ConneXions – Deepening Authentic Connections Workshop, held in Nanaimo, B.C. last weekend. It was a life changing experience for me and provided me with a sense of hope.I have been caught in a lonely place where I felt very “stuck” and alone. Through confidential, non-judgmental, support and assistance from the Group and the excellent Facilitators, I was provided with what I refer to as a Road Map, to move me away from that place.The two exercises within the group, coupled with a clear outline of paths away from that place of despair, I was able to identify the patterns of my behavior that have held me back from personal development and awareness.The workshop also provided me with information, exercises and support, that opened my consciousness so my future behaviors come from informed decision making and choices. My “triggers” were brought out into the “light” and my conscious self.Truly hard work but so beneficial.” – Name witheld by request
Glad to have participated in a workshop that has even more relevance in this world of separation through many experiential exercises through connections (with self and others.) This is a course that is clearly important and needed in today’s disconnected world, bringing the heart of the matter into awareness. – Musa K
I am on a journey. This weekend has been most helpful in helping me grow and become more positive in my life. – Richard
The content of the workshop was deep, rich and stimulating. The manual is superb and greatly appreciated. Facilitation was authentic, transparent, passionate and sincere. I appreciated Bob’s humility, Ipswa’s fluidity and assertiveness and Howard’s openness. Clearly all 3 of you bring huge heart to this mission of connection and awakening. – Sharon
Bob has an amazing ability to hear what people’s input is, and openly accept even criticisms without reacting (i.e. voice tone, impatience, arguing, ego battling, etc.) The total lack of criticism of anything that was voiced (I think) created a space for total trust. Participants who brought up trust issues the first evening of the workshop quickly flipped to opening up in a trusting way, risking the vulnerability to make changes quickly.Overall a positive experience. I look forward to seeing where it grows to under Bob’s direction. – Laura

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