Personal Shadow Integration Intensive 

Eight Weeks; one night per week; 1.5 hours per group. 

Recordings will be made of the training material should you need to miss any sessions.  No personal discussions will be recorded.

Journal writing and reading assignments are part of the curriculum.  Prepare to be honest with yourself and each other in a co-created safer container. 

We’ll be covering how shadow gets lodged into our psyches and impacts our lives in ways we are unable to see.  What are the ways our shadows get created from unhealed trauma and personality patterns and lodge in our psyches?  We’ll explore how to find shadows, name them, and work with them to transmute them into gold.  The darkest of our shadows are often covering our greatest gifts.

Cost:  $50 per group or prepay $350 for all 8 sessions.  Scholarships available.  Contact Bob. Jones

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